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AVO helps companies tell their story through the camera. Using Augmented Reality we empower brands to have deeper relationships with their customers. Our smart marketing technology was founded in 2018 in Charlotte, NC when our founder opted out of a United States Air Force contract extension to start AVO.

Founder Story

In 2018 Bradley Smith packed up an old VW Volkswagen and drove from Tucson, AZ to Charlotte, NC to start a marketing agency called AVO Insights. On the side, Bradley started developing an Augmented Reality tool that would help open doors and have something differentiating in his arsenal.

about our founder

After people started asking to use the Augmented Reality tool rather than the marketing services, Bradley pivoted the company to focus full time on a tool that would help companies tell their story through the camera.

One of the best parts about working at AVO is seeing how companies use the technology to tell their story. AVO is implemented across a range of industries such as museums, art galleries, commercial real estate and beyond. Seeing creative companies use AVO in ways we haven't thought of gives a lot of motivation to keep building a great product.

In late 2019 the executive team started to grow with the addition of Steve Marsh helping build out the technology that helps brands tell their story. Now AVO is pushing forward on a quest to put the camera first and help companies create experiences that build trust and loyalty with customers.


AVO works to build a company culture that creates good problems, sustainable tempo, and independent workforce that puts a high priority on work-life balance. Our goal is to support our local community coming together to collaborate, volunteer, and celebrate our thriving ecosystem in Charlotte, NC.

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