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February 21, 2020

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Having someone download an app on a Sunday stroll, sorting their mail, or anytime they aren't online is difficult. Luckily there are tips and tricks to boost action and get people to download an app when they are offline.

The key to getting someone to take action and download an app offline is with a strategic hook in the call to action. A memorable hook attracts attention to you, your message and your business.

Every great hook has something in common, they all tell the user WHY they should stop what they're doing and take action. Everyone wants to know WIIFM (what's in it for me) and when you take that away from your call to action conversions drastically decrease. It's surprising to see how many companies don't think this through, how many times have you seen "download our app" placed on grocery bags, flyers, and mail without a reason why.

If they added a reason WHY to download the app they would see a drastic lift in downloads. Imagine if they simply changed their call to action from "download our app" to, "Free coupons, download our app now!". All of a sudden the narrative changes and I'm told what's on the other side if I take this action. I know something is in it for me (coupons = savings) and if I shop at that grocery store often and wanted to save money I would download the app because there is a clear WHY to the call to action and a great hook being free coupons.

Here are 3 tips to increase app downloads when people are offline.

1. Start with the hook

When you're strategizing how to get someone to download your app offline you need two things, a clear call to action and a great hook.

A call to action is the wording used to take action like, download now, download today, download before time is up. These are the things you want people to do.

A hook is the WHY, the incentive, the WIIFM (what's in it for me). Great hooks are in line with your product offering. For example, if you're a printer running a direct mail campaign and want people to download an app don't put a Starbucks gift card as the hook. Instead, make the hook aligned with your services, can you giveaway 1,000 postcards, free postage, new business cards? These will attract higher quality users that are aligned with your services.

When writing your call to action start with the hook. Free business cards, download our app to enter! Not download our app and enter to win free business cards. Time is scarce and people skim not read so start with the reason why and then let them know how to take action.

2. Tie your call to action to a giveaway when possible

It's no secret people love free. It's amazing what people will do to win something free. The problem is if you're a company it's not very scalable continually giving something away for free.

To combat this do a giveaway! That way you have all of the entries of free with only one winner. Let's take the printer example again. If you're thinking about giving away free business cards but can't do it for everyone who enters, create a giveaway.

When writing your call to action, start with the hook (free business cards) and then what they need to do to get free business cards.

Your call to action may look like this: "500 Free Business Cards! Download our app for a chance to win."

The best part about this is people who enter are interested in the services you offer or coming up on needing services you offer but you're only having to give away 500 business cards. The lucky winner is happy and you have a list of leads who need exactly what you offer, now go and follow up with them!

3. Short and concise

Although this may be common sense you would be surprised how many calls to action we see with long confusing messaging.

When writing your call to action think through how to minimize the length of messaging while still being clear. Don't make people think, get to the point and keep them on track.

The takeaway

To write a great call to action starts with a great hook. Deliver the WHY first and then the action needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Specific AVO call to actions

AVO is a marketing tool that helps companies tell their story in the camera. We have an app and app-less solution but when it comes to the app we have helped many companies craft a great call to action.

Here are a few call to actions that received great success.

Commercial real estate banners:

  • "Reveal what the future holds, download AVO Insights and scan the banner"
  • This worked well because people walking by a new real estate development are always curious about what's going to be built. This answers that question and tells them what's needed to see the future.


  • "Hear the story behind the art, download AVO Insights and scan the art"
  • We convert 1 out of 3 visitors in museums with this messaging. We clearly tell visitors what's in it for them and how to take action.

    Direct mail:

  • "Win 2,500 postcards, download "AVO Insights" and scan to enter"
  • This works great because the incentive is in line with the product offering and the hook is very intriguing!

    What NOT to do

    We have covered how to create great hooks and call to actions that convert but there is a critical thing company's get wrong when using AVO.

    AVO uses Augmented Reality to help tell stories through the camera but companies use Augmented Reality as the hook with disappointing results.

    Never and I repeat, never use Augmented Reality as the hook. For example "Experience Augmented Reality, download AVO Insights and scan to see!". This never works and leaves people disappointed.

    Augmented Reality is broad and is not a clear WIIFM (what's in it for me)

    Hopefully, these call to action tips can help achieve your business goals and hit your objectives.

    If you're interested in marketing through the camera, try AVO for free!

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