Interactive CLT brings Augmented Reality to your Favorite Exhibitions

November 20, 2020

By Jillian Mueller

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The museums have reopened–and the next time you visit your favorite exhibits, you’ll be in for a fun surprise. With just a swipe of your smartphone, you can have a chat with Harvey B. Gantt, get exclusive insights directly from museum directors, or get a glimpse into Charlotte’s past and watch the city transition from a mill town to the second-largest banking center in the country.

Four key cultural institutions have introduced Interactive CLT, a pilot program that brings a dynamic AR, or augmented reality, element to over 20 sculptures, paintings and artifacts to your next museum visit.

AR technology layers 3D computer-generated images and sound onto your real-world view to bring a new dimension to your experience. Simply download the AVO Insights app, hover your phone above the piece of art or artifact, and let your app do the rest.

ASC has partnered with Charlotte-based tech company AVO to create an AR experience for the following cultural institutions:

Each institution has created AR experiences for various exhibitions throughout their collections to engage viewers with new, behind-the-scenes information and inspire deeper conversations about the importance of each artifact.

“These AR (augmented reality) commentaries help us weave an interactive and important dialogue as we walk our visitors through our history from the end of the Civil War to the present, said Kama Pierce, chief operating officer of Levine Museum of the New South.

Interactive CLT is free with museum admission. You can access the program by downloading the AVO Insights app free of charge on Google Play or the Apple Store.

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