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CBRE reveals their future with AVO campaigns lifting awareness


lead generation increase

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The Story

CBRE is the largest commercial real estate services company in the world CBRE serves more than 90 of the top 100 companies on the Fortune 100. Focused on innovation CBRE wanted to reveal their projects to the public while development was happening. One of the first things people think walking past a large commercial real estate project is “What’s this going to be?” a question CBRE wanted to answer.

The Solution

CBRE is focused on using the best technology to reveal their customers stories and build awareness for every project. Taking advantage of Campaign Managers ease of use CBRE was able to upload multiple campaigns revealing the $400 million Quarry Yards project in less than a few minutes. CBRE was able to answer the question of “What’s this site going to become?” integrating AVO into the banners that wrapped the construction site.

The Result

By using AVO campaigns CBRE was able to easily reveal the future of their new developments building buzz and increasing awareness. Being able to easily measure campaigns in Campaign Manager showed the public had great demand to learn more about what CBRE was building in their local area.

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