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National Association of Mortgage Brokers drive engagement at their annual conference


Engagement from previous year

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The Story

Conferences have a hard time keeping participants engaged in daily activities. The National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) wanted to keep their participants engaged and drive awareness of the daily activities.

The Solution

NAMB found great success in implementing AVO during their conference. Leveraging Campaign Manager to easily upload campaigns they had over 20 campaigns for participants to engage with. From using the history feature in the app to automatically save the conference schedule to participants phones to using AVO for giveaways and even a fun scavenger hunt during the conference!

The Result

Ultimately AVO was a driving force in engagement during the conference. NAMB saw a 4x increase of engagement from the previous app they used the year prior. Speaking with conference participants the experience was something they never experienced before and drove communication and buzz between participants.

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