Success Story

Papa John's face filter boosted pizza orders 25% for Valentine's Day


More sales


Boosted ad awareness


Unique users

The Story

Papa John's is an American pizza restaurant franchise. It's the fourth largest pizza delivery restaurant chain in the United States. Papa John's wanted to create a love-themed campaign for Valentine's Day to boost awareness and direct orders with an immersive experience.

The Solution

Papa John's created an AR filter that overlaid heart-shaped pizzas on customers' selfies, urging people to share humorous pictures with their loved ones on social media. Papa John's launched the campaign on Snapchat tapping into an existing user base.

The Result

More than 25% of users who swiped up on the filter bought a pizza boosting Papa John's ad awareness by 6%. As the pizza chain is working to improve sales and boost its reputation this is a good step forward.

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