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avo frequently asked questions
Create an account and upload a print piece with your digital content. Once uploaded use our free app “AVO Insights” or your own domain to see your campaigns. Once live measure your campaign performance in the dashboard. Add the AVO smart pixel to your website to track conversions.

In summary, create an account, upload campaigns, measure performance.
You can use our free app “AVO Insights” to see your campaigns or use a domain like to see your campaigns. Please contact us if you would like to power your campaigns using your own domain.
Upload as many valuable campaigns as you’d like.
Nothing changes in the print process, you use your same paper, printer etc... but you do need to let people know what to do. Add a call to action for your URL or our free app. Use engaging call to actions and QR codes for the best and quickest way to your experience. See our best practices page for more.
A campaign is created when you upload your print piece into Campaign Manager turning it into a digital experience.
There is a short setup if you want to use a domain to power your campaigns. Please contact us if you are interested.
Campaign Manager helps you the whole way. Following Campaign Manager’s guide will allow you to create a campaign in less than 60 seconds.
Add the AVO smart pixel to your website to track mail recipients from view to conversion even weeks after they view your mail. Ultimately taking credit for more conversions.
Understand how long recipients view your mail, how often, click throughs, and use the AVO smart pixel to track recipients all the way to a conversion even weeks after viewing your mail.
If you're familiar with direct mail you know what a PURL is (personalized URL) this is very similar but called an AURL (Augmented URL).
Allowing companies to tell their story and provide an experience from their print has seen on average conversions increased.
We encourage everyone to run multiple tests to see if your customers invite the experience. See our best practices page for more.
We have 4 different tiers from free up to $299/month depending on what your objective is. You can see our pricing here.
We accept all major credit cards. If you would like to take billing offline please contact use at [email protected]
No, create an account for free.
Yes, if you decide to no longer differentiate your mail, simply cancel your account from Campaign Manager in your account page.
Yes, upgrade, downgrade, change plans whenever you like in Campaign Manager under your account page.
No, there are no contracts. Pay as you go, cancel at any time.
There is a short setup if you want to use a domain to power your experiences. Please contact us if you are interested.
Yes, to see if you qualify please contact us!
Everyone should experience Augmented Reality for free, businesses pay for Campaign Manager which allows them to create, manage, and measure experiences.

Please see our business help center first, if you cant find your answer, please contact us.
We take matters of data security very seriously at AVO. We are hosted on the highly reliable Amazon AWS servers, that promise optimal uptime and data security for all our customers and ticket data. Our hosting partner is AWS and our servers are hosted in a world class AWS data center, that is protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches. All AVO plans include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.
Yes, we are fully compliant and up to date with all data policies.
We work with over 20 vetted partners giving you options for content creations. Contact us for help.
Email us: [email protected] or call us: 231-750-1545 or fill out the form on our contact page.
Yes, include your pixels from other platforms like Facebook, Google, Ad roll, etc… to retarget your mail recipients in other channels.
Everything you need to launch an experience from your print is included in your account. Create, manage, and measure your campaigns for free.
No, you can use our app-less experiences that launches the camera in the browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc...)
We support all all major AR, VR, mobile, desktop, console and web devices.
You can use Campaign Manager with our free app, your own app, a white labeled app or a complete app-less experience. Please read more here.

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