Increase and track direct mail conversions

Here are 5 tips to increase and track direct mail conversions

1. Setup the AVO pixel to track your print conversions.

Accurately track direct mail conversions by first setting up your AVO pixel.

2. Create eye-catching visuals

You only have a few seconds to capture someone's attention. Focus on the design of the print piece with an engaging call to action prompting action.

3. Keep your Ad copy short and sweet

Avoid jargon. Speak in your audience’s language, not a technical vernacular no one will understand. Keep it brief. Too much text can be intimidating, so focus on the essentials and scrap the rest.

4. Include a direct call-to-action

Since conversions are all about motivating actions, a strong call-to-action is essential. Strong verbs like start, discover, find, and explore are great if your conversion goal is to have users visit a product page or learn about your company. If your goal is to drive purchases or subscriptions, be direct with phrases like “buy now” or “sign up.” Don’t use Augmented Reality as a call to action. Ensure your call to action directly reflects what is on the print piece. If you want your audience to make a purchase use a hook that reflects that. Never use Augmented Reality as the hook.

5. Create personalized content

Some of the best campaigns we have seen don’t come from big production companies, it comes from small business putting a face to their business and building a customer relationship from their print. If you’re a realtor, put your friendly face behind your campaign not a generic video everyone has seen.

*Pro Tip: Before you try to convert anyone you should have a clear sense of what action you want people to take when engaging with your campaign.

As with any marketing campaign it’s important to carefully monitor performance analytics and adjust accordingly. What worked and what didn’t work? Take note for your next campaign and try to replicate your success.

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